Winter Tire Stud Laws by State

State laws concerning the use of snow tire studs vary. Some states permit the use of snow tire studs year-round, others only during parts of the year or only in certain parts of the state. Some states only allow emergency personnel to use studded tires, while others allow snow tire studs that won't damage roads; some states don't allow snow tire studs at all.

The following information has been compiled from sources we believe to be reliable, however, we cannot guarantee that the regulations will not change.

Studded Tire Picture
Connecticut (Permitted Nov. 15 - April 30)
Maine (Permitted Oct. 1-May 1)
Massachusetts (Permitted Nov. 2 - April 30)
New Hampshire (Permitted without restrictions)
New York (Permitted Oct. 16-April 30)
Rhode Island (Permitted Nov. 15-April 1)
Vermont (Permitted without restrictions)

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