Commercial Fleet Accounts

Why Open An Account?

If you own a company and have one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, Town Fair Tire wants to provide your fleet with exceptional service. We offer reliable, fast, guaranteed service for your fleet at competitive prices. Town Fair Tire has 115 stores located in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont and New York. We work hard to offer the lowest installed price. We will beat the current price on any tire from our competitors, and still give you all our FREE services and great guarantee!

Who We Service

We service all businesses with service vehicles. Whether you own or operate a limousine company, provide landscaping services, or are an independent contractor, our Commercial Program is catered to your needs only. We carry over 600,000 tires in our warehouse at all times, so you know we’ll have the right tires you are looking for at discounted rates. We are also a volume based company, so the more tires you purchase the more aggressive your discount will be.

What Can We Do Together?

We understand that managing your fleet is a complicated task. We have designed our fleet program around delivering the ultimate in convenience, value, and trust. Our fleet customers can count on us to perform quick and quality service. We diligently maintain your fleet to ensure that you have the greatest amount of productivity, profits, safety, and peace of mind.

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