Different Types Of Wheel Alignments

What Are The Different Types Of Wheel Alignments?

Regardless of the type of vehicle that you drive, proper wheel alignment is very important when it comes to protecting your vehicle, your tires, and the people inside. While wheel alignment issues aren't always noticeable, here are some obvious problems to watch out for:

  • A crooked steering wheel while driving down a straight road
  • The vehicle pulls to either the right or left side
  • Your tires start to wear rapidly and/or unevenly
  • Your tires squeal as you accelerate or turn
What is a Thrust Angle Alignment?

The thrust angle is an imaginary line that is drawn perpendicular from the centerline of the rear axle, down the centerline of the vehicle. The purpose of the thrust angle is to determine if the rear axle is lined up with the center of the vehicle, as well as the front axle. The thrust angle also determines if the wheel base on both sides of the vehicle is the same.

Thrust Angle Alignment picture

A thrust angle alignment attends to the procedure that is covered in a front end alignment, but it also ensures that all four wheels are squared. A thrust angle alignment is recommended for vehicles that have independent rear suspensions. If any of the wheels have incorrect toe, or if your vehicle handles differently when turning in one direction versus the other, then a thrust angle alignment will likely solve the problem. This alignment yields a better result in tire wear, fuel economy, and safety.

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What is a Four-Wheel Alignment?

A four wheel alignment is useful for vehicles that have 4 wheel independent suspensions, or front wheel drive vehicles with adjustable rear suspensions. A four wheel alignment will measure and position the rear axle angles, as well as everything involved with both front wheel alignments and thrust angle alignments. The four wheel alignment essentially restores all four corners of your vehicle back to the manufacturer's specifications. It is the most comprehensive alignment that results in the best overall handling for the vehicles performance, and tire wear.

When your vehicle is properly aligned, you can keep it running at peak performance if you maintain the correct tire pressure, and drive at least semi-conservatively. When youre due for your next wheel alignment, stop by Town Fair Tire for excellent service at an affordable price.