Wheel Lug Torque and Torque Patterns

To achieve proper installation of your new wheels the lug torque must be set to the specification of your vehicle. It could be found in your owner's manual but in most cases your wheel installer will have a manual to obtain the correct number. The torque specs are normally designed for clean dry lug threads unless otherwise stated. This is important because it will be the required number to seat the wheel onto the vehicle for safe operation.

Demo of wheel Torque

Wheels should also be tightened down following a different pattern for different lug patterns. This is just another part of proper installation for your new wheels.

Wheel Lug Torque Patterns

You should also re-torque your new wheels after the seat-in (break-in) period. This is necessary due to the chance of thermal stresses and to prevent the lugs from backing off during that period.

With the purchase of a set of Aftermarket Wheels at Town Fair Tire we will hand torque your new wheels to factory specifications. By torquing each wheel to the proper torque specification we can assure your new wheels are properly seated onto the vehicle for safe operation.