Proper Wheel & Rim Care

Proper Wheel Care Instructions

Town Fair Tire realizes the purchase of a new set of aftermarket wheels is a substantial investment. With the proper care and maintenance information provided in this document, we are confident your wheels will enhance the appearance of your vehicle for many years to come.

Here are a few tips on how to maintain a wheels original splendor:

Soon after installation apply a coat of wax, this will help protect your wheels and make them easier to clean. Danger! Never apply wax to a hot wheel. Discoloration may occur.

Wash them frequently with a mild soap and water solution (like you use to wash your car). Never use tar and bug remover or acid based wheel cleaners as this may permanently damage and discolor your wheel's finish. Never use abrasive pads, steel wool or polishing compounds. Periodic waxing will protect the wheel's finish from the elements.

Beware of automatic car washes. Some washes use acid based cleaners either before or during the wash to remove dirt and grime. Others use stiff brushes for cleaning wheels and tires. Both of these processes could harm your wheel's finish.

Never allow your wheels and tires to be steam-cleaned. Hot steam can dull the paint and clear coat finish on your wheels.

Clean your wheels on a regular basis. Remember, they are often the dirtiest part of your vehicle because they are constantly exposed to the elements (corrosive brake dust, ocean salt and grime).

Important! Remove your aftermarket chrome or polished wheels for the winter. The winter season can subject your wheels to road salt causing pitting of your wheels finish. Weather conditions also make it more difficult to wash your wheels on a regular basis. This may lead to a much shorter than normal wheel life expectancy. The best possible option for Custom Wheels in severe winter climates is the use of OE or snow wheels with winter tires. If, however, you choose to run your Custom Wheels through the winter months, it is very important to exercise a regular maintenance program. Many of the towns here in the Northeast use salt on the roads during snow and icy conditions. These elements can be very caustic and can corrode the metal parts on your vehicle, including the wheels. For best protection against corrosion, wash your vehicle thoroughly once a week, but at a minimum, once a month. This simple practice will aid in the prevention of pre-mature wear on the vehicle's finish and your custom wheels.

In addition, each type of custom wheel finish has its own unique requirements that we explained below.


Chrome Plated Alloy Wheels need to be washed with mild soap and water. To maintain the finish use car wax.


Polished Alloy Wheels should be washed with mild soap and water on a regular basis.


Painted Alloy Wheels can be washed with mild soap and water. If brake dust builds up use a mild wheel cleaner.


Machined and Clear Coat Wheels can be washed with mild soap and water. If brake dust builds up use a mild wheel cleaner.


Chrome or Painted Steel Wheels require regular washing with mild soap and water followed up with an occasional coat of car wax.