Wheel Alignment Specials & Services

At Town Fair Tire we are committed to providing every customer with the most precise wheel alignment available. Town Fair Tire technicians are required to complete an extensive training program in order to become certified to use the most technologically advanced equipment in the industry. With well trained professionals, and the best equipment in the business, we guarantee that...

  • Your vehicle will have improved handling
  • The life and wear of your tires will be improved
  • Your vehicle will get better gas mileage
  • Your ride will be more comfortable
  • Your vehicle will be safer

...after your vehicle is serviced with one of our three alignment specials. Here are the prices for a wheel alignment without a tire purchase.

Features $89.00 Alignment $99.00 Alignment $109.00 Alignment
Factory recommended four wheel alignment adjustment to rear wheels OR thrust angle alignment adjustment to rear thrust angle
Computerized high speed balancing No Tires Balanced 2 Tires Balanced 4 Tires Balanced
Tire rotation
Check and adjust air pressure

*All wheel alignments and air pressure adjustments are set to manufacturer's specifications.

At Town Fair Tire there will never be extra charges tacked onto your bill. Since, we do not sell parts, if we inspect your vehicle and determine that you need replacement parts, you can have those parts replaced, and come back to us to have the alignment done.

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