Properly Balance Tires And Wheels

At Town Fair Tire maintaining the tire balance on your vehicle is critical to maximizing the tread life of your tires. In addition to providing a smooth ride, balancing is a key component in maintaining your vehicles suspension system. Balanced tires can be the difference between a good or bad driving experience. Some cars (and drivers) are more sensitive to an out of balance tire than others, but no one is happy with a vibration.

tire balancers
Precision Tire Balancers

We use only the best equipment in the industry by Hennessy/Coats and Hunter. Many of our machines utilize laser guided weight placement which uses a laser dot to pin point the installation position of a wheel weight placement. With this technology Town Fair Tire is confident we'll be able to solve the most complex balancing challenges.

DuoCollet™ System

Town Fair Tire goes well beyond the competition with our centering equipment by Haweka. The DuoCollet" allows for tolerance free centering. Approved by all leading car manufacturers, the DuoCollet" provides the ability to center a wheel through a lug-centric application while providing unparalleled vibration resistance within the hub. Absolute precision is achieved, by mounting the wheel onto the balancer, the same way the wheel is mounted to the vehicle. Rest assured you will be pleased with the results.

Aluma-Guard Wheel Weights
Coated Wheel Weights

Town Fair Tire uses Bada. Alloy application wheel weights, for alloy wheels, Bada's tough, dry polymer Aluma-Guard" Coating, seals the weight & clip to prevent chemical reactions between the lead & alloy wheel that may result in unsightly discoloration and damage to the rim surface. The Tape-A-Weight" system addresses the need of balancing aftermarket & OEM lipless rims which will not accept traditional clip on weights. The Tapa-A-Weights' slender profile and out-of-sight mounting capability enhance the looks of any wheel. You see the beauty of the wheel, not the weight.

Town Fair Tire's tire balancing services include:
  • State-of-the-art Bada coated wheel weights for today's alloy wheels.
  • Industry best precision tire balancers & DuoCollet™ wheel centering equipment.
  • Certified Technicians that are trained in the standards and methods for the use of our precision state-of-the-art balancing equipment.