Computerized Wheel Balancing

Computerized Wheel Balancing

When it comes to your vehicle, everything is always fine; until it isn't. Any number of things can go wrong at any time, and when you're dealing with something as expensive as a motor vehicle, there's nothing more aggravating than knowing that you could have done something to prevent the problem.

Signs & Results Of An Unbalanced Wheel

Balancing your wheels is one measure that should always be taken to increase both tire and suspension longevity. When the wheel rotates, asymmetries of mass may cause the tire to hop or wobble rather than ride smoothly down the road. You may notice your steering wheel vibrating, or pulling, and your vehicle may jerk around, especially at higher speeds. If you feel a vibration in your steering wheel then your front wheels are probably unbalanced, and if you feel a vibration in your seat it's likely that your rear wheels are unbalanced.

Unbalanced wheels have a negative effect on your vehicle's speed, handling, gas mileage, and tire wear. This can cause all sorts of financial issues. For instance, if your vehicle is front wheel drive and you get your tires rotated, an unbalanced rear wheel that is now in the front will cause your vehicle to shake. The lesson here is to get the job done right the first time.

If you're considering a wheel balance or tire rotation, take a look at our wheel alignment specials. You will be pleasantly surprised at how smooth your vehicle rides after aligning and balancing all four wheels.

The Hunter Hawkeye Alignment System

At Town Fair Tire we use the state-of-the-art Hunter Hawkeye Alignment System. When it comes to computerized balancing, this technology is quick, precise, and guarantees a perfectly balanced wheel. A computerized wheel balance identifies the distribution of mass within your tires, or the entire wheel to which the tires are attached. High resolution cameras instantly update adjustment readings on the screen, and Hawkeye sensors provide 3D modeling images of wheel position and orientation. With the fully integrated alignment lift, the system produces vehicle measurements for the customer in as little as 90 seconds.