What Is A Tire Rotation?

Are you someone who likes to save money? Of course you are. It's very likely that your tires are the single most expensive investment on your vehicle, and like anyone else, your stomach starts to churn when you realize that it's time to ditch the worn rubber for some new treads. What if there was a way to help extend the lifespan of your tires and in return avoid spending hundreds of dollars? Well, there is. Regular tire rotations address the issue of premature tire wear in one quick and effective procedure.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting A Tire Rotation?

Aside from saving money and preserving the life of your tires, regularly scheduled tire rotations offer additional benefits.

  • When all four tires wear evenly, they respond to the drivers input more quickly.
  • Evenly worn tires allow you to maintain better handling of your vehicle.
  • You will experience improved traction.
  • Newly rotated and balanced tires improve your vehicle's cornering ability.
  • You may even experience performance advantages.
How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?

The majority of tire mileage warranties require you to get your tires rotated. Recommendations do vary, but you should have your tires rotated between every 5,000 and 7,000 miles. Now, you probably get your oil changed every 5,000 miles, so it would be convenient to have your tires rotated at that time. If you notice obvious wearing before then, you should have your tires checked and rotated as soon as possible.

What Causes Tire Wear?

Even tire wear is essential in maintaining consistent performance in your vehicle, and also in extending the life of your tires. The causes of tire wear are numerous and sometimes unavoidable. Tire rotations can solve some of your tire wear problems, but certainly not all.

  • Driving style- An aggressive driver will naturally abuse their tires more than a conservative driver.
  • Tires out of balance- Heavy spots on your tires can cause uneven tire wear.
  • Road hazards- You don't always see that rock or pot hole in the road.
  • Your vehicle is out of alignment- If your vehicle is misaligned then a tire rotation won't solve your problem. You will still feel the vibrations and notice the lack of control that you have behind the wheel. Your tire wear will continue to get worse until you address the situation.

For more information on our wheel alignment specials, visit our alignment page.

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The Rotation Station At Town Fair Tire

Town Fair Tire has offered a FREE tire rotation service for over 40 years. Any customer who purchases tires from us can have their tires rotated on any vehicle that they own FREE OF CHARGE. Our procedure includes a complete four tire safety inspection, adjusting the tire pressure to match the manufacturer's recommendation, and measuring your tires to make sure that they are not wearing prematurely.

A tire rotation CAN NOT correct wear problems that are caused by faulty mechanical parts, a misalignment, or incorrect tire inflation.

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