Tire Repair Guidelines

tire repairable area

For your safety, tires should only be repaired in accordance with RMA (Rubber Manufacturers Association) Recommended Procedures.

A proper tire repair includes the following:

The tire is demounted from the wheel for a complete inspection, inside and out. Some damage to the tire may only be evident on the interior of the tire.

The puncture injury is 1/4 inch (6 mm) or less and must be within the tread repairable area. This helps ensure the long-term tire and repair durability.

A patch is applied to the interior of the tire and the puncture hole is filled with a suitable plug/stem filler. This helps ensure that the interior of the tire is adequately sealed to prevent inflation pressure loss and prevents contamination of the steel belts and other plies from the elements (such as water) in the outside world.

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