Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Tire Inflation Pressure Monitor Systems (TPMS) are being used on more and more new vehicles. Low tire pressure is potentially dangerous, especially if a vehicle is heavily loaded and traveling at highway speeds during hot weather. A low tire under these conditions is a blowout waiting to happen. The inflation pressure of the tires should be checked regularly, but many motorists do not check their tires. That is why tire pressure monitor systems are coming into use. Town Fair Tire is committed to your safety with our TPMS services.

valve stem
Valve Core Replacement

Our competitors may use a standard brass valve core in your aluminum tire pressure sensor valve stem, however this will experience galvanic corrosion and the brass valve core will eventually seize in the valve's aluminum barrel. To prevent corrosion Town Fair Tire only installs special nickel-plated valve cores (shown right) in aluminum tire pressure sensor valve stems (See store for details).

tpms rebuild kit
Rebuild Kit

Manufacturers recommend a TPMS rebuild kit at certain intervals in the vehicles age. With every rebuild kit you get a new rubber grommet, aluminum retaining nut, special nickel-plated valve core and O.E. valve cap. Attempting to reuse the original rubber grommet, valve core and retaining nut may result in an air leak (Additional charges apply, see store for details on your specific vehicle).

stem torque check
Torque Check

Town Fair Tire torques each component of your TPMS system to the OE manufacturer specifications using only precision tools specifically designed for installing TPMS sensor nuts and valve cores.

tpms sensor reset
Sensor Reset

In the past the only way to register/activate a new TPMS sensor was a trip to the dealer. Times have changed! And now every Town Fair Tire is equipped with the latest TPMS scan tool technology. For most vehicles, Town Fair can reprogram your TPMS, negating the need for a costly trip to the car dealer.