Top Tire Safety Tips

1. Check tire pressures and adjust at least once a month

It is imperative to check and adjust tire pressure at least once a month and before every long trip (over 250 miles). Recommended pressures are printed on a label located on the driver's doorframe or in the glove box.

Under inflation has immediate effects on vehicle handling (as well as fuel consumption), but its potential impact on overall safety and tire life are even greater. It results in premature and uneven tread wear on the outer edges. Under inflation also increases stress on the carcass itself, through flexing and overheating, which can lead to structural failures such as tread separation.

Town Fair Tire offers free tire pressure checks at all 91+ locations.

2. Inspect tires regularly for abnormal wear or damage.

To ensure maximum tire life and safety, give your tires a visual inspection at least once a month and before long trips. This is easily done at the same time you check pressures.

Look for:

  • Excessive or uneven tread wear.
  • Cracks or bulges on the sidewalls or tread.
  • Chunking of the tread or any indication of tread separation from the carcass.
  • Signs of puncture, or nails, screws, glass, pieces of stone or any foreign object imbedded in the tire.

If you have identified any of these conditions or would like one of our tire specialists to check your tires, swing into the nearest Town Fair Tire so one of our tire specialists can help resolve the issue.

3. Rotate tires every 5,000 miles or according to owner's manual.

Tire rotation is essential to achieve even tread wear and maximum tread life. On front-wheel-drive cars, for example, most of the braking, steering and driving forces are carried by the front tires, which inevitably wear much faster.

Town Fair Tire offers FREE tire rotations with every 5,000 miles to help ensure your tires get the longest treadwear possible.

4. Maintain tires in proper balance.

Out-of-balance tires can not only cause uneven tread wear and an uncomfortable ride but also excessive wear on the suspension and other components. An out-of-balance tire can be detected by a severe thumping, usually most pronounced at highway speeds.

Town Fair Tires tire balancing services include:

  • State-of-the-art Bada coated wheel weights for today's alloy wheels.
  • Industry best precision tire balancers & DuoCollet™ wheel centering equipment.
  • Certified Technicians that are trained in the standards and methods for the use of our precision state-of-the-art balancing equipment.
5. Maintain steering and suspension in proper alignment.

Misalignment of the steering and suspension, either front or rear, can not only adversely affect the steering feel and stability of a vehicle, but also cause rapid and uneven tire wear. If not corrected, this misalignment can ruin a tire in a short time and distance.

Town Fair Tire offers a free front wheel alignment with any tire purchase. NO EXTRA CHARGES...Town Fair Tire doesn't sell parts - so there are never any add-ons. Never an unexpected bill for parts replacement. If we find that there are worn parts affecting the safety of the vehicle, we will let you know. But it doesn't end there. After you have the parts replaced, bring your car back and we will do another alignment...ABSOLUTELY FREE!