Tire Aging

How long do tires last?

Most of the time tires wear out due to the miles driven, but in some cases vehicles are not driven many miles and it takes years before they wear out.

As tires age environmental conditions like exposure to sunlight and coastal climates, as well as poor storage and infrequent use accelerate the aging process and might cause a separation problem even though there is no visible indicators. In many cases there is still adequate tread depth on the tire.

Major tire manufacturers like Michelin and Continental recommend that if a tire exceeds 10 years of age the tire should be taken out of service. Many car manufacturers also recommend that tires not be used after 10 years.

Based on the recommendations of the major tire manufacturers, car manufacturers and our concern for customer safety Town Fair Tire recommends not to install, repair, balance or rotate a tire if it exceeds 10 years of age.

To determine the age of the tires on your vehicle find the D.O.T. number on the sidewall of the tire and look at the last 4 digits of the D.O.T. The first two numbers in that sequence is the week the tire was built and the last two numbers is the year it was built.

Tire Age Example
Example 0806: Week tire was built—year it was made

If you have any questions concerning whether or not the tires on your vehicle are safe to use you can stop into any Town Fair Tire for a free safety inspection.